Revision of pilotage fuel surcharge

21 Nov 2022 / Dighi, India

As the bulk fuel rate has come down from Rs. 114.60/Litre to Rs. 110.82/Litre, the pilotage fuel surcharge rate at Dighi Port has been de-escalated.

The revised tariff rate is as below:

Base rate (as per Circular No: DPL/Marine/02/ 2022 dated 30 May 2022)
- Bulk Fuel Rate (Rs / Litre): 114.60
- Fuel Surcharge on Pilotage Rate (USD / GT): 0.100000

Revised rate
- Bulk Fuel Rate (Rs / Litre): 110.82
- Fuel Surcharge on Pilotage Rate (USD / GT): 0.088660

The revised rate is applicable since 16 November.

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