Point-to-point transportation & COVID-19 tests for signing-on sea crew

01 Jun 2021 / Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Department of Health has issued a reminder about proper arrangements for point-to-point transportation and COVID-19 tests for signing-on sea crew.

Guidelines must be followed during point-to-point transportation from Hong Kong International Airport to the dock of their vessel. This explicitly means from the airport direct to the vessel, not to the Government dockyard or container terminal.

It has been noted that it is common for shipping agents/companies to arrange for signing-on crew to take additional COVID-19 tests not requested by the health authorities, to produce certificates of a negative result to meet entry requirements for the next port of call.

If there is a need for any additional tests prior to the departure of the vessel, albeit not as a requirement of the health authorities in Hong, the following requirements must be strictly followed during the collection of the specimen:

  • Specimen should not be collected during the course of point-to-point transportation; and
  • Specimen should only be collected after boarding the vessel.

Shipping companies failing to comply with the guidelines or requirements for specimen collection will be denied crew change applications for one month by the Marine Department.

The Government will conduct routine surprise checks at the boarding points at the airport, dockyard and container terminals to monitor compliance and collect evidence for follow-action.

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