Oil and chemical spill response equipment and vessel rates

04 Jun 2024 / Singapore

Revision made to the charges applicable for the use of oil and chemical spill response and anti-pollution services provided by MPA and its supporting oil and chemical spill resource agencies in Singapore.

Paragraph 9 of Part II of the Schedule to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (Scale of Dues, Rates and General Fees) Notification has been amended to reflect these changes. The revised charges will take effect from 01 June 2024. A copy of the revised charges can be found on the website of the Authority at http://www.mpa.gov.sg > Finance/E-Services> Finance> Others> Oil Spill Response and Anti-Pollution Services.

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Source: Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore Port Marine Circular No. 05 of 2024 dated 1 June 2024

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