New quay opens up new possibilities

22 Nov 2023 / Gothenburg, Sweden

In 2024, a highly extensive and technologically advanced infrastructure project will commence in the Port of Gothenburg Energy Port, where a 300-meter-long quay will be completely rebuilt to get a complete 2.0 upgrade. Now, the Swedish construction company Peab has been contracted for the first phase of the job.

The Gothenburg Port's Energy Port is crucial for Sweden’s energy supply today. About 2200 ship calls occur at its quays every year. Now, one of the quays, “Kustkajen”, will be rebuilt from scratch and renewed as “Kustkajen 2.0” to be able to become a crucial piece of the fundamental infrastructure necessary as society gradually transitions to renewable fuels…

…The project will involve geotechnical improvements, new foundations, demolition and reconstruction of the 300-meter quay, and in some parts, a new process layout and equipment. During the construction of the new quay, ships will still be able to call and ongoing operations will continue, albeit to a more limited extent…

…The feasibility study and preliminary planning will begin in Q4 2023. Construction works are scheduled to commence in Q1 2026 and continue until Q1 2031.

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Source: Extract from Port of Gothenburg Press Release dated 20 November 2023

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