Monsoon preparedness

04 Jun 2024 / Kandla, India

In view of severe weather during the monsoon period in the Arabia Sea, all concerned are required to adhere to the guidelines issued by the DG Shipping/IMO and safe practices of seamanship for monsoon weather conditions.

In addition, the following points are to be included for monsoon preparedness, but should not be limited to:

  1. Agents/owners/managers/Masters to ensure the foul weather preparedness of their craft /or the applicable to the expected foul weather season.
  2. All crafts to be manned as per safe manning requirements.
  3. All running crafts to have sufficient bunkers/provisions/fresh water in reserve, keeping in mind the prevailing weather conditions.
  4. The vessels to keep their engines in preparedness, keeping prevailing weather conditions in mind.
  5. Monitoring of weather forecast by all available means and technology. Preventive and precautionary measures to be taken as per the prevailing weather conditions.
  6. Vessels in port and anchorage shall keep their main engines at immediate notice for motoring and keep watch on MMB Channel 16/08. The latest navigational warnings and storm signals issued by the port authorities for the local port area from time to time are also to be taken heed.
  7. Owners/agents/charterers to ensure that the Master is aware and provided with regular updates of weather forecast and ensure the compliance of safe practices.
  8. Owner/manager/agent of all derelict vessels inside the harbour either to remove their respective derelict vessel from harbour water or take all precautions for their safe keeping inside the harbour.
  9. Master/owner/manager/agent of a craft without propulsion to ensure that stand-by tug(s) of suitable capacity and numbers with respect to prevailing weather conditions is/are available.
  10. Master/owner/manager/agent will be held responsible for any deviations or any incident/accidents due to non-compliance of the above mentioned guidelines.
  11. All statutory certificates but not limited to P&I certificate, class certificate, etc. should remain valid at all times. Any violations will be considered as non-compliance.

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Source: Deendayal Port Authority Circular dated 3 June 2024

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