Fee introduced for long range security escort services

07 Jun 2024 / Bonny, Nigeria

Nigeria LNG Limited (NLMG) has announced the introduction of a token fee for the Long-Range Security Escort Services (LRSES) it provides at Bonny Terminal that came into effect on 1 June.

Since inception of the LRSES in 2016, they have provided inbound/outbound security escort from 150NM up to Bonny pilot boarding station (PBS) for all vessels calling at the terminal.

To ensure the continued sustainability of this service, the terminal has introduced a token fee of $745 per hour of escort to cushion the impact of the rising fuel costs and other inflationary challenges, and this will be included as part of the port costs.

Bonny terminal intends to partner with the FOB vessel operators in ensuring not just adequate security coverage for all FOB vessels calling Bonny but also the improvement and sustainability of this service going forward. Buyers who may wish to provide their own long-range security escort will be cleared by NLNG Marine security and thereafter exempted from this charge for the loading operation.

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