Cyclone Remil approaching

24 May 2024 / Bay of Bengal, India

A low-pressure area over the southwest & adjoining west-central Bay of Bengal has moved north-eastwards and is likely to concentrate into a depression over central parts of the Bay of Bengal. It is expected to intensify further into a cyclonic storm over the east-central Bay of Bengal by May 25, according to the Indian Meteorology Department (IMD).

The system is expected to move nearly northwards and reach near Bangladesh and adjoining West Bengal coasts as a severe cyclonic storm by the evening of 26 May. If the cyclone is formed, it will be named 'Remil', and will be the first cyclone in the Bay of Bengal this pre-monsoon season.

The IMD has warned of heavy to very heavy rainfall in coastal West Bengal and adjoining districts of North Odisha on 26 and 27 May.

Paradip Port has published the following related to precautionary measures.

In view of the approaching Cyclone Remil, Paradip Port is going to experience cyclonic weather during 26 and 27 May. All concerned are requested to take necessary precautions:
01. Vessels alongside berths to be ready with proper trim/stability and main engines ready for sea at short notice. Vessel with light draft to take heavy weather ballast.
02. All vessels at Paradip Anchorage to be ready to pick up anchor and move to sea.
03. All Coastguard vessels inside harbour to secure for heavy weather or move out to sea.
04. DCI Dredge XV and Dredge XIX to ready for proceeding to sea if required.
05. DCI Dredge XVIII and DCI dredge Ganga in North basin to secure properly for heavy weather.
06. Cutter Dredger and support craft in Western Dock area to be ready for heavy weather.
07. Other crafts and barges which are going to stay inside harbour, to be manned around the clock to attend their moorings with main engines ready for operation at all times.
08. Equipment and machines at Under Construction areas to be secured properly.
09. Unloaders at PPL, IFFCO and KICT berths ready to be secured at short notice.
10. Loaders at MCHP, IOHP, JSW and EBTPL ready to be secured at short notice.
11. Harbour mobile cranes at all berths including PCT berth are to be secured at short notice.
12. Loading arms, gangway at NOJ and SOJ ready to be secured at short notice.
13. All concerned to secure their equipment and machinery inside port restricted areas.
14. Necessary securing at the slipway and dry dock including dry dock cassion gates.
15. All craft inside harbour to be secured properly and attend their moorings continuously.
16. Vessel inside dry dock and on the slipway to be secured properly for cyclonic weather.

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