Updated on-signer requirements

04 Mar 2022 / Western Australia, Australia

The requirements for crew signing on to a vessel in Western Australia have been revised.

All international arrivals must;

  • be fully vaccinated under the Commonwealth Government requirements, to be determined on arrival at Perth International Airport;
  • have an approved G2G Pass https://www.g2gpass.com.au/
  • take a Rapid Antigen Test upon arrival within 12 hours and report any positive result to WA authorities (all arrivals will be provided with one Rapid Antigen Test upon arrival to meet these interim testing requirements);
  • if unvaccinated, complete quarantine for 14 days at government facility at cost. Fully vaccinated arrivals will be allowed into WA without quarantine provided they fly directly from overseas in Perth. If arriving Perth via other Australian states (e.g. Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne), they must be triple vaccinated in order to comply with requirements for no quarantine.

For off-singers, vaccinated crew members must have a registered G2G Pass https://www.g2gpass.com.au/. Vaccination certificates must have an English translation, or crew members will be classed and unvaccinated. Police will only attend and scan crew members who are not vaccinated.

Crew members must self-scan the entry code at arrival port. After this they are free to do as they please and can travel without restriction.

Charter flights and charter vehicles are no longer required.

Unvaccinated crew members (including those who have had an incomplete course of vaccination) are only permitted to disembark the vessel to go to a quarantine centre or airport to leave WA. They must return a negative RAT immediately before disembarking and at 6 hourly intervals thereafter until they get to the quarantine centre or airport to leave WA. They must reach the quarantine centre or airport within 24 hours of disembarking their vessel.

There are no longer any restrictions for VACCINATED maritime crew who wish to:
- board another vessel at the same port;
- disembarking to carry out port activities;
- receive medical treatment

However, here are restrictions if the crew members are UNVACCINATED or PARTIALLY VACCINATED.

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