Updated crew change regulations

02 Jun 2021 / Indonesia

Any foreign crew joining a vessel in Indonesia must hold a Visa index B211A. This also applies to visitors to vessels in the country.

According to the latest information, the joiner does not need to go to the Indonesian Embassy to apply for visa during the COVID-19 pandemic. Andhika GAC (AGAC) can apply for an E-visa index B211A (Visit Visa) on the online immigration system, enabling joiners to fly to Indonesia by showing E-Visa. The process time is one working day in Express Mode, if the system is not in error. A PCR result is not required to apply for the E-visa, as the test will be taken upon arrival. Airlines, however, will still require PCR Test result.

Visa on arrival still not available in Indonesia.

Foreign crew must be going under 5 days’ quarantine upon arrival before joining on board their ship, and several nationalities are required to undergo 14 days’ quarantine.

Joiners/superintendents of the following nationalities cannot apply for E-Visa in Indonesia:
North Korea
India (temporary)

Crew sign off is possible. Please find below the requirements:
- Passport validity not less than 6 months
- Crew in good condition
- Crew has flight return to their country

Off-signing crew will be isolated in Government facilities for 5 days and will have PCR test 2 times during isolation. 14 days’ isolation may apply for certain nationalities.

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