Unrest neutralised, operations continue

16 Jun 2022 / Sri Lanka

Unrest in Sri Lanka has been largely neutralised, and the situation is not impacting port and terminal operations.

The forex shortage is still at large, but the government is taking steps to mitigate it and provide the daily essentials. Discussions with the IMF are in progress.

There are no delays to navigational movements in all ports. Boat movements are operating as normal at anchorages and Off Port Limits.

No labour shortage are reported and stevedore gangs are working as usual.

Further, there are no delays due to restrictions on bunker supplies.

GAC Marine Services is continuing to serve its customers uninterrupted with no impact on our service quality.

For crew movements/transport, safety of crew is guaranteed as GAC uses its own staff and vehicle fleet for crew movements.

All GAC offices and its services are functioning efficiently round the clock.

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