Underwater operations

03 May 2022 / New Freeport/Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Underwater technical diving and lifting activities [is being] undertaken at the seawall adjacent to berth No. 4 & 5 in the New Freeport.

During the operation, no work or diving boat will be engaged in the operation as all activities will be progressed and controlled from the shore side.

Four (4) temporary yellow special marker buoys showing a continuous quick yellow light Q.Y are positioned all over the place around the underwater operation restricted area. The markers are places on below mentioned coordinates for ease of identification:
1. 24 deg. 32.130’N / 054 deg. 21.752’E
2. 24 deg. 32.099’N / 054 deg. 21.723’E
3. 24 deg. 32.130’N / 054 deg. 21.679’E
4. 24 deg. 32.119’N / 054 deg. 21.635’E

The planned work will not obstruct the inbound and outbound vessel movements to/from the port basin and the underwater activities will be performed during daytime only.

All mariners are requested tom navigate with caution when transiting across the entrance to Freeport during these works. Keep well clear of the underwater operation and stay a minimum of 75 metres south of the area demarcated by the yellow special buoys and maintain close communication with the Freeport VTS on VHF Ch.11.

Marines shall adhere to all applicable rules and regulations, Zayed Port Harbour Master Directions and VTS instructions at all times…

…Effective Date: From 30 April 2022 until further notice.

(For further details, as well as information about operations in Freeport, contact GAC Abu Dhabi at [email protected])

Source: AD Ports Group Notice To Mariners NTM No.07/2022 dated 29 April 2022

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