Tropical Cyclone Veronica to intensify

21 Mar 2019 / Dampier, Australia

Severe Tropical Cyclone Veronica is currently located North of Dampier. It is predicted to move in a South to South-South Easterly direction towards the coast and intensify to a Category 5 tropical cyclone.

The Port of Dampier is currently on Cyclone Stage 3 – Clear Port. This stage involves clearing of the port and anchorages in a staged and sequential manner. The port will be cleared by 1800 hours local time today (21 March).

The Harbour Master’s directive for clearing the port are as follows:

1500 hours – All Anchorages
- All vessels to have sailed and cleared all inner anchorages
- All vessels to have sailed and cleared Western anchorages

1800 hours – All Terminals
- Vessels from Dampier Salt, King Bay Supply Base, Rio Tinto, Toll Dampier Supply Base, Woodside Terminals and Qube FDTS to be cleared
- PPA’s Bulk Liquid Berth and Dampier Cargo Wharf to be cleared

Vessel Masters shall ensure:
- Vessels' engines and machinery are fully operational
- Vessels' stability, trim, and propeller immersion are appropriate
- Vessels' manning, stores and bunkers are adequate for departure
- Preparations are made in accordance with their respective cyclone response plan

Terminal/berth operators are to ensure that:
- The latest cyclone forecasts are taken into account if planning operations over the coming days
- The response plan accounts for time required for vessel's to clear the port and the approaching tropical system safely
- The wharf areas are inspected for and cleared off/secured for any items that may have the potential to fall into the berth pockets or adjacent areas during periods of strong winds taking into account the storm surges forecasted for the Port of Dampier

Vessels secured to moorings are to take appropriate action as per their cyclone contingency plans.

Small Vessel Movement:
Approval for movement of small vessels within the port must be requested from Dampier VTS and permission will be granted on a case to case basis by the Harbour Master.

The ports of Port Walcott, Barrow Island, Varanus Island & Cape Preston will commence a declaration of port ‘Clear’ (meaning all vessel Masters should ensure their vessels are secured at their dedicated cyclone pen/berth/facility/mooring or depart to sea to find sufficient sea-room to clear the adverse weather associated with this system) by 1800 hours local time today.
The Harbour Master will evaluate the situation tomorrow morning (22 March) before providing advice regarding any intentions to either ‘Close’ or ‘Open the port with caution’.
For the duration of a Port ‘Closed’ period no marine activities are authorised to take place until the Harbour Master declares the Port ‘Open with caution’.

The port of Onslow (including vessels accessing the Port of Ashburton through Port of Onslow & Beadon Ck Boat Harbour) will commence a declaration of port ‘Clear’ by 0800 hours local time tomorrow (Friday 22 March. The Harbour Master will evaluate the situation tomorrow evening before providing advice regarding any intentions to ‘Close’ or ‘Open the port with caution’.

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