Travel restrictions for Red List countries

14 Sep 2021 / Philippines

The following countries shall be under the Philippines’ Red List until 2359 hours on 18 September:

  • Azerbaijan
  • Guadaloupe
  • Guam
  • Israel
  • Kosovo
  • Montenegro
  • North Macedonia
  • Saint Lucia
  • Switzerland

Passengers coming from or who have been to Red List countries within 14 days immediately preceding arrival in the Philippines are prohibited from entering the country. Exceptions apply for Filipinos returning pursuant to government-initiated repatriation programs, or as part of non-government repatriation programs and special commercial flights allowed under existing IATF resolutions.

All passengers, whether Filipinos or foreigners, merely transiting through any of these countries shall not be deemed as coming from or having been to said country, provided that they stayed in the airport the whole time and were not cleared for entry into such country by its immigration authorities.

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