Temporary Restricted Areas for Singapore Sail Grand Prix 2023

11 Jan 2023 / Singapore

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) will be establishing Temporary Restricted Area (TRA) over parts of Singapore from 12 Jan 2023 to 15 Jan 2023 to ensure the safety of the public and to facilitate helicopter flights that will be flying at low levels as part of the aerial filming for the Singapore Sail Grand Prix 2023.

The establishment of the TRA under the Air Navigation Order (ANO) will be in effect on the dates and times stated below:
12 Jan (Thu) 1100hrs to 1600hrs
13 Jan (Fri) 0800hrs to 1700hrs
14 and 15 Jan (Sat and Sun) 0800hrs to 1800hrs

The TRA will extend from ground level to 4,000 feet above mean sea level. During the stated dates and times, the conduct of all aerial activities including kite-flying, hoisting of captive balloons and flying of unmanned aircraft such as drones into and within the TRAs, is strictly prohibited, unless the required permits have been obtained from the CAAS.

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Source: Maritime And Port Authority Of Singapore Port Marine Notice No.005 of 2023 dated 10 January 2023

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