Ship-related permits via TOOL

28 Nov 2023 / Antwerp/Bruges, Belgium

From 28 November 2023, you will now apply for Ship-Related Permits via TOOL, the application for applying, viewing and managing nautical permits…

…The Harbour Master's Office issues a permit based on the Port Police Regulations. In this way, we ensure the safe execution of works, smooth and safe shipping traffic and minimum risks to the environment.

What will change?
This new version of TOOL replaces the following forms:
HKD16 - Diving work on vessels
HKD19 - Passage bridges/passage with transit restriction
HKD20 - Work on vessels
HKD21 - Immobilisation of vessels
HKD22 - Stern-to mooring
HKD25 - Lifeboat testing
HKD37 - Waiting quay for tankers at non-tanker quays
HKD38 A/B - LNG Bunkering

During a transition period, you may temporarily still use existing forms and mail addresses until the end of December…

(For information about operations in Belgium, contact GAC Belgium at [email protected])

Source: Extracts from Port of Antwerp-Bruges update ( dated 27 November 2023

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