Safety measures during monsoon period

22 May 2024 / Porbander, India

All port users are directed to take the following precautions in the upcoming monsoon season for port operation at Porbander Port.

  1. All vessels to anchor at safe distance from breakwater. Pre-arrival information to be passed on timely to all arriving vessels and to be followed up for strict compliance.

  2. Vessels to confirm good condition of mooring winches and mooring hawsers.

  3. Only after berthing plan is confirmed, the vessel may approach close to breakwater.

  4. Master and Pilot will discuss and decide on the pilot boarding point as required giving due regard to safety of life and property in prevailing weather conditions. If boarding/disembarkation of pilot is not possible as required due to wind/sea/swell/weather, then berthing/unberthing should be rescheduled accordingly…

  5. …Pilot shall give due guidance to boarding point which must be strictly followed by the vessel’s Master.

  6. Safe fore & aft clearance of at least 20 metres shall be considered for berthing two vessels at GMB and SCL jetty simultaneously. However, fore and after clearance may be increased as may be decided by the port to other reasons.

  7. All vessels to be equipped with extra strong mooring lines forward and aft each to secure their vessel safely at berth including keeping spare ropes giving full regard to prevailing weather conditions and standard practices of seamanship, and should exercise due diligence at all times during high winds and swell.

  8. While the vessel is at berth, all mooring lies to be tended.

  9. All vessel agents/Masters to take extreme precautions with respect to bad weather during entire stay of the vessel at port. Port Tugs GMB 2 / GMB 3 shall be on standby on CH 14/16 at all times if any assistance required… …the use of tug applicable charges will have to be paid by the user.

  10. The vessel in ballast condition should draw adequate draft and trim to achieve 100% propellor submergence for effective maneuverability.

  11. Engines should be kept on short notices giving regards to prevailing weather conditions.

  12. Readiness of main propulsions and steering system for immediate maneuvering during vessel’s stay at port.

  13. The ship’s owner/manager and Master of all vessels should exercise due diligence and display reasonable care and skill to ensure safe and pollution free operation and stay while at this port.

  14. Pilot ladder combination is generally rigged about 4 metres above the water level, however same to be confirmed by the vessel prior approaching for berthing. It has been observed that in case of many vessels lowest platform of combination gangway and lowest step of pilot ladder are more or less at the same level. This increases the risk of port tug hitting the gangway during pilot boarding due to swell/sea. Therefore, it is to be ensured that the lowest platform of combination gangway remains minimum 3-4 metres above the lowest step of pilot ladder. Also, combination gangway to be positioned in such a way that lowest platform of the combination gangway doesn’t obstruct upward movement of pilot on the vertical pilot ladder.

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Source: Gujarat Maritime Board Porbander Circular No.GMB/POP/T/245

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