Road access to Marina South Pier during Kusu Pilgrimage Season 2021

23 Sep 2021 / Singapore

This year’s Kusu Pilgrimage season is from 6 October to 4 November. Marina South Pier (MSP) is the transit point where Kusu devotees and visitors take the ferries to the island.

In view of the expected road traffic congestion and limited parking space at MSP, the shipping and harbour craft communities are requested not to drive to MSP and are encouraged to take the public transport instead.

Public who wish to visit Kusu Island during the KPS are required to purchase a ticket via the website of Singapore Island Cruise & Ferry Services Pte Ltd, the appointed ferry operator for KPS 2021 before proceeding to MSP for the ferry to the island…

There will be controlled entry into MSP Carpark from 0600hrs to 1700hrs on weekends and public holiday during the Kusu Pilgrimage period. Only authorised vehicles, with valid parking labels, will be allowed to enter and park at MSP Carpark.

Motorists are advised to park their vehicles at Meadow Carpark (Gardens by the Bay) and use the free shuttle-bus services plying between Meadow Carpark and MSP.

The free shuttle-bus service will run between Meadow Carpark and MSP from 0600hrs to 2000hrs on weekends and public holiday during the Kusu Pilgrimage period. The interval between shuttle services is approximately 20 minutes…

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