Redi Port Tariff

11 May 2024 / Redi

Redi Port Authorities have advised of the following vessel related charges 2023 - 24.

  • Anchorage Fees: Rs 18/- per GRT per 24 hours or part thereof + GST
  • Pilotage Fees: Rs 12/- per GRT + GST
  • Port Services Charges for Ship: GRT x Rs 12/- + GST
  • Launch Charges: Free

All charges to be paid in advance before storage/shipment whichever is earlier.

Any statutory taxes, if applicable, will be extra.

All vessel related charges and cargo related charges are to be paid prior to departure of the vessel. No Dues Certificate (NOC) will not be issued for Port clearance unless all dues are paid.

Port Authorities shall have the first lien on the material until all the Port charges and dues are paid.

The above rates and changes are subject to change by Port Authorities.

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