Quarantine regulations for vessels coming from flagged countries

19 Jul 2021 / Philippines

In compliance with IATF Resolution No.126 and Memorandum from the Executive secretary dated July 14, 2021, whereby imposing travel ban restrictions on India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Indonesia. The following are to be observed:

A. Submission of Notice of Arrival
a.1 Vessels thru shipping agents must clearly declare all ports of call in the last fourteen days prior to arrival in any port of the country
a.2 Notices must be submitted within 24 to 48 hours upon arrival as pre-requisite for BOQ approval

B. Vessel Boarding
a.1 All vessel must hoist yellow flag at its foremast and boarded at designated quarantine anchorage
b.2 During inclement weather condition a proper lee must be given to Quarantine Medical Officer
b.3 All vessels cleared by Quarantine Medical Officer must be issued Provisional Pratique.
b.4 Philippine Coast Guard regulations must be observed at all times.

C. Pilot arrangement for COVID and other variants
c.1 Harbor pilots must comply with the minimum health standard, (proper wearing of face mask, proper face shield, latex gloves, and appropriate sanitizer)
c..2 Harbor Pilot must use outside stair on the deck in going to the bridge
c..3 Only vital ship officers assisting the pilot must be present, and must observe the minimum health standards
c.4 Harbor Pilot must exit the same stair going out of the bridge, and must wear and dispose properly masks and other health gadget prior to disembarkation at vessel.

D. Boarding Formalities
d.1 Vessel officers thru ship agent, must provide special arrangement of space on the first room upon entry of the vessel, or if amenable on other areas outside vessel premises.
d.2 Port authorities together with Ship officers must observe contactless transactions, in the event needing close contact inspection, both parties must properly wear and remove PPE’s and dispose the same properly.

E. Port Operation

e.1 Vessel Crew
e.1.1 During operation all crew must maintain contactless transactions to port worker, no movement outside the superstructure as much as possible, use engineering barrier, and the likes to maintain contactless arrangement.
e.1.2 In the event needing closer than one meter contact to the port worker, both parties must properly wear and remove Full PPEs, and dispose the same properly (eg. Surveying and other operational activities).
e.1.3 Strict observation of flu like symptoms, and taking of temperature twice daily for all vessel’s crew.

e.2 Port workers
e.2.1 All port workers must not enter the superstructure of the ship
e.2.2 Port operator’s safety officer must exercise and regularly and implement COVID protocols without fail.

F. Vessel Departure
f.1 Quarantine medical Officer must examine crew condition, and issue Free Pratique together with the outgoing clearance.

G. Anticipatory Arrangement “In the Event of Flu Like Symptoms” arise from the vessel’s crew during ship stay
g.1 Ship agent must arrange prior to approval of any entry of vessel probable services for BOQ-approved quarantine facility, DOH-accredited PCR laboratory, BOQ-dedicated referral hospital, and decontamination services for vessel crew and ship.
g.2 Ship must immediately cease operations and proceed to designated Quarantine Anchorage for proper Quarantine facilitation. Pilot arrangement must be observed, this time full wearing of PPE’s is mandatory.

H. Ship under non competent Quarantine stations must arrange proper diversion of vessel to the nearest competent Quarantine station.

This applies to all commercial cargo vessel for any approved purpose of call. Strict Compliance.

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Source: Republic of Philippines Bureau of Quarantine Memorandum Circular No.2021-14 dated 16 July 2021

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