Port’s inspection vessel now electrified

21 Mar 2024 / Gothenburg, Sweden

Having served round the clock as an inspection vessel in the Port of Gothenburg since 1979, M/S Hamnen has now been converted to electric propulsion. Following today's re-inauguration, the vessel is expected to remain in service for many years to come…

…The vessel undertakes a variety of tasks, but its foundation lies in representing the Port Authority and ensuring compliance with regulations according to port ordinances. Around the clock, all year round…

M/S Hamnen is in active operation for approximately 1200 hours per year. With the previous engine, the vessel consumed 25,000 liters of diesel, resulting in 67 tons of carbon dioxide emissions - equivalent to 15% of the Gothenburg Port Authority company’s total emissions - which are now eliminated.

A total transformation has taken place in the engine room as the previous diesel engine has been replaced by a brand-new electric motor with 250 kW of power. In addition, a battery bank of 520 kWh has been installed, which can be supplemented with additional battery capacity in the future if required. A diesel auxiliary engine has also been installed, which can be activated in exceptional circumstances…

…The vessel left the Ö-varvet shipyard on Öckerö in the Gothenburg archipelago in January. In addition to electrification, the vessel also received a new bridge, as well as a range of measures to enhance working environment and extend lifespan. Since then, the vessel has undergone real-world testing before today's official re-inauguration…

Fact file: M/S Hamnen
Owner and operator: The Gothenburg Port Authority through the Harbour Master's Office and Harbour Master Pontus Bengtsson who is responsible for the vessel.
Length: 20.3 m
Width: 5.7 m
Draft: 2.6 m
Cruising speed: 8 knots
Operating hours/year: 1200
New electric motor: 250 kW
Battery bank: 520 kWh
Charger: 125 amp charger at home quay
Range: 6-7 hours at ecospeed
Investment: 19.8 million SEK (approx. €1,7 million)

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Source: Extract from Port of Gothenburg press release dated 21 March 2024

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