Port service provision during Kwazulukwazulu-Natal civil unrest

14 Jul 2021 / Durban, South Africa

South Africa’s Transnet National Ports Authority has advised that due to widespread protest action and civil unrest sweeping across KwaZuluKwaZulu-Natal and various other provinces, service provision and certain functions at the Port of Durban are being significantly negatively impacted.

This is likely to continue while the authorities take control of the ground level disruptions through provision of security, crime control and traffic management.

From today (13 July), the Port of Durban has secured limited resources to ensure business continuity as follows:

Marine Resource deployment
- 2 marine pilots
- 2 fully manned tugs
- 1 pilot boat
- 2 berthing gangs

The Ports Authority will make every attempt to ensure business continuity, safety of our customers, port users and workforce. The Port of Durban is accordingly monitoring the situation on the ground and will continue to communicate effectively of any developments related to port operations.

Meanwhile, Shell and BP South African Petroleum Refineries (Pty) Ltd (SAPREF) has declared a force majeure. In the case of a complete shutdown of the refinery, the continuation of agreements with SAPREF on the same terms and conditions becomes impossible and SAPREF will be obliged to suspend and/or limit the scope of work.

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