New Saudi Aramco Bill of Lading process

22 Nov 2023 / Saudi Arabia

Saudi Aramco have introduced a new process for handling Bills of Lading (BoLs), as part of an initiative to improve overall processes.

Agents are no longer required to physically visit the Shipping Unit office to sign BoLs. Instead, they will receive an email from shipping with all the necessary customer shipment documentation to be validated and the BoL to be signed.

The process is as follows:

Step 1:
Shipping Unit will provide the agent with the following once the documents are ready:
a) Full set of BoL to be validated and signed.
b) Certificate of Origin.

Step 2:
Once the master’s authorisation is obtained:
a) The agent must get the BoL signed.
b) Email a copy of the signed BoL to the Shipping Unit
c) Provide the full set of shipment documentation (BoL & Certificate of Origin) to the customer.

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