Monsoon shipping 21 May-15 September

21 May 2024 / Mormugao, India

During the coming monsoon season, incoming and outgoing vessels should follow as mentioned below:

  1. Ships will be moored at the dolphins with at least six head ropes and six stern ropes of suitable size and strength appropriate for the size of the vessel. These ropes shall be of polypropylene or other synthetic material which floats on water. Ships’ anchors may or may not be used depending on the prevailing weather conditions and size of the vessel. It may be noted that during adverse weather conditions, the vessel may have to be moved from the Mooring Dolphins to any suitable berth, if available, to complete her cargo operations. However, if the berth is not available, the vessel may have to be shifted to outer anchorage till weather conditions improve or till a berth is made available.

  2. (i) In view of the cyclonic weather conditions, number of anchorages East of Breakwater will depend on the available space on the day in question.
    (ii)For the same reason, all concerned are hereby requested to adhere to the recommended lengths in their own interest.

  3. Allotment of mooring dolphin will be decided after consideration of the following points:
    (i) The date of arrival/commencement of loading/discharging
    (ii) Expected loading/discharging rate and type of cargo
    (iii) Type of loading/discharging gear on board the vessel
    It is normally expected that after consideration of these three points, when a vessel is allotted mooring dolphins, she should endeavour to complete her loading/discharging at the earliest. However, if any specific difficulty is experienced in allotting mooring dolphins for a particular vessel, final decision in consultation with all concerned would be taken at the berthing meeting on the day in question.

  4. During monsoon season, vessels will NOT be bought to the turning basin just for the purpose of ‘cleaning’.
    Only vessels coming from Yellow Fever area which cannot obtain radio pratique, and vessels having dire emergency may be bought to the turning basin, provided other ship movements are not hampered. Vessels so brought should endeavour to move out in the shortest possible time to avoid delay to other shipping movements.
    Agents should notify owners to ensure enough water and provisions are provided top the ship at previous port to take care of any expected/unexpected berthing delays at this port.

  5. Night navigation will be carried out normally subject to weather conditions for vessels up to LOA 235m.

  6. West of Breakwater loading may be permitted beyond 20 May 2024. However, the barges operating West of Breakwater will be at the risk of the owner and/or the Master of the barges and they will have to obtain prior approval of the Captain of Ports….

  7. …Cargo operations West of Breakwater beyond 20 May may be permitted by the Deputy Conservator, MPA, on a day-to-day basis, after studying meteorological reports and local weather conditions. Deputy Conservator will indicate the final closure of cargo work west of breakwater for the duration of the monsoon period at a later date.

(For information about operations in India, contact GAC India at [email protected])

Source: Mormugao Port Authority Harbour Notice No.03 (TEMP) 2024 dated 20 May 2024

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