Incentive for Green Award certified LNG vessels

21 Oct 2021 / Ras Laffan, Qatar

QatarEnergy is always in the forefront to safeguard the maritime environment. Recently, Ras Laffan Port joined the Green Award scheme and will offer an incentive for certified LNG vessels.

Green Award vessels have demonstrated their commitment to continually improve performance in safety, quality and environment above and beyond international maritime industry standards.

As part of the incentive scheme, RLC Port will extend a 10% rebate to certified LNG tankers in the Port Dues item of the prevailing Port Tariff. Vessel operators intending to take benefit of the incentive scheme shall take note of the following:
a. LNG vessels shall submit their Green Award status in the Pre-Arrival Questionnaire including a copy of the certificate.
b. The Green Award certificate shall be valid during the entire port stay.

The incentive scheme shall come into effect on 1 January 2022.

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Source: Ras Laffan Industrial City/QatarEnergy notice dated 19 October 2021

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