Eid Al Fitr Holidays Schedule at Abu Dhabi Terminals, Khalifa Port

27 Apr 2022 / Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Terminals working hours during Eid Al Fitr holidays will be as follows:

(1) Administrative Departments: will be closed from Monday 2nd May,2022 until Friday 6th May,2022. The normal working hours will resume on Monday 9th May 2022.

(2) Container Terminal Operations:

On the 1st day of Eid - Container Terminal Operations will be closed from 0400 hours to 0900 hours. However, during above break time, limited work will be carried out on customer’s prior request.

Note: The overtime charges will be applicable from 0001 hours 30th April,2022 until 6th May, 2022 as per the Abu Dhabi Terminals, Khalifa Port Tariff.

(For information about operations in Abu Dhabi, contact GAC Abu Dhabi at [email protected])

Source: Abu Dhabi Terminals Circular Ref.KPCT/CIR/2022/4 dated 26 April 2022

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