DSL requirement for STS vessels and tankers from East & West Malaysia

18 Apr 2024 / Malaysia

Malaysia’s Ministry of Transport has clarified that a Domestic Shipping License (DSL) is mandatory in the following cases:

  • Vessels arriving from any Malaysian ports to other Malaysian ports for STS (loading) or loading operations:
    This requirement applies even when vessels are in ballast. For ballast voyages (completion of cargo discharge from the previous voyage and commencement of another voyage within Malaysia), DSL is also mandatory.
    For example, if a vessel arrived from Singapore to discharge at Port Dickson, completed her discharge of entire cargo at Port Dickson and proceeded to Tanjung Bruas for loading by STS operation to Thailand, the voyage from Port Dickon to Tanjung Bruas would require a DSL.

  • Tanker vessels between East and West Malaysia:
    A DSL must be in place for such voyages. The exemption for DSL from East to West Malaysia applies only to general cargo and container vessels, not for tankers.

The Ministry is currently in the process of updating the DSL regulations. The revised guidelines are expected to be published after the Raya holidays.

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