Cyclones over Arabian Sea

25 Oct 2023 / Arabian Sea, Yemen/Bangladesh/India

Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Tej over West-central Arabian Sea crossed the Yemen coast south of Al Ghaydah, weakened into a Cyclonic Storm by Tuesday night (24 October), and is now located over eastern Yemen. The system is likely to track further west-northwestward and weaken gradually into a Depression later today.

Meanwhile, the depression over Bay of Bengal intensified into a Cyclonic storm by Monday evening. Severe Cyclonic Storm named 'Hamoon' commenced landfall around midnight as it weakened into a cyclonic storm and currently lay over coastal Bangladesh, centered approximately 40 km east-southeast of Chittagong. Wind speeds over the Bay of Bengal will gradually increase to 80-90 kmph gusting to 100 kmph.

The storm is likely to move northeastwards and weaken into a deep depression within the next six hours, further downgrading into a depression during the subsequent hours.

The intensity of rainfall is anticipated to decrease by 26 October, with light to moderate rainfall expected in a few places across the region.

The Indian Meteorological Department maintain it would not have any major impact on the Indian coast. The two cyclones have triggered rain in several parts of the country.

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