Cyclone makes landfall

27 May 2024 / Kolkata/Haldia/Dhamra/Paradip, India

Cyclone Remal made landfall between Kolkata's Sagar Island and Khepupara in Bangladesh yesterday evening (26 May), with wind speeds reaching up to 135 kmph leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

The storm hit land between Sagar Islands in Bengal’s South 24 Parganas district, which was the hardest hit, and Khepupara in Bangladesh near Mongla, passing over by night but strong winds continuing to batter the region on Monday morning.

Vessel movements at Kolkata Port, Diamond Harbour Anchorage & Sagar Anchorage were suspended from yesterday morning (26 May).

Inward/outward vessel movements at Haldia were suspended Saturday night (25 May). Cargo operations on vessels alongside severely affected due to continuous rainfall with strong winds since yesterday morning. Vessel operations are expected to resume today (27 May), starting with outwards movements.

Port operations at Dhamra were suspended in the morning of 26 May due to continuous heavy rainfall, and were resumed later the same day.

The cyclone had no impact on port operations at Paradip. However, due to continuous rainfall during the past 24 hours, cargo operations on iron ore vessels were severely affected.

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