Crew changes update

27 May 2021 / Oman

Oman’s Civil Aviation Authority has advised that the period of pre-travel negative COVID-19 PCR test has been amended for long international flights (not less than 8 hours including transit) to be conducted within 96 hours prior to the scheduled time of arrival in Oman.

The requirement for a negative COVID-19 PCR test for shorter flights is remaining to be conducted within 72 hours.

Omani Citizens who are tested positive after recovering from Covid-19 are allowed to travel to the Sultanate if providing proof that they have completed the prescribed quarantine period before taking the COVID-19 PCR test prior to departure to Oman.

Crew changes are permitted at Muscat, Port Sultan Qaboos anchorage/port is permitted on case-to-case basis. When planning a crew change at Muscat please provide us with the below documents/ information to approach the authorities to obtain necessary permission.


  • ETA of vessel to Muscat
  • Vessel Particulars
  • Joining and leaving crew (2 separate crew lists only with joiners/ leavers)
  • Copies of e-tickets for both joiners /leavers
  • Last port & next port of call details.

Permit can take 3-4 working days excluding Friday/Saturday weekend.


  • Passport copy – Proper scan with minimum 6 months’ validity (for both joiners/leavers). For Indian nationals, we require the passport family details page. For Sri Lankan nationals, we require the passport page no 4& 5 (alterations and observation pages).
  • Seaman’s book copy – Proper scan and must state the designation/rank (for both joiners/leavers).
  • Photograph – Recent and in colour. Must not be the same photo as in the passport and must be in civilian clothing.
  • Visa issuance process can take 3-4 working days (excluding Friday/Saturday being the local weekend).

The situation is dynamic, and restrictions can come overnight.

Crew must arrive in the country and hotel quarantine until PCR results are available. PCR test results will be available within 24 hours. Once PCR test results are available (Negative) crew can join the vessel.

For off-signers, authorities prefer the crew to be directly transferred from vessel to airport. Alternatively, hotel can be arranged after obtaining necessary approvals.

PCR test for off signers can be arranged upon disembarkation and process will take 24-48 hrs to receive the results and travel certificate.

All direct flights from the United Kingdom (UK) are banned, except cargo flights, as is entry of passengers arriving from or in transit through the UK within the past 14 days.

There is also a ban on travellers arriving from or who have passed through India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and passengers during the 14 days prior to the request for entry.

For further details and updates, as well as information about operations in Oman, contact GAC Oman at [email protected]

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