Crew change, quarantine and shore leave

27 Jul 2020 / Norway

The quarantine period for individuals arriving in Norway from overseas, including crew, is ten days.

Crew must adhere to general Norwegian regulations as laid down in the guidelines by Norwegian Institute of Public Health and confirmed by The Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) and Police (Immigration). Quarantine must also be completed for crew that has been onboard for ten days unless the vessel was in a “red” port.

The list of “Green” and “Red” countries as approved by Norwegian institute of public health can be found at

The days will count from leaving this port or city. Various stricter local regulations enforced by the district medical officer.

Shore leave is generally permitted if the quarantine regulations (ten day rule) is complied with. Some industrial terminals might have stricter regulations, mostly for practical purposes, e.g. limited internal transport and access via gate.

Crew changes are permitted in Norway and basically the same regulations apply as before COVID-19. Crew still under quarantine may travel directly between ship and airport, and may use domestic transit flights. They can stay in a hotel close to the terminal or airport if they have to wait for their vessel or flight. There is no formal limit on the number of days they can stay), but as a rule immigration requires a confirmed flight (even if subject to change or cancellation).

Only crew that have been outside countries not exempt from the ten day rule will be denied shore leave until the ten days have passed.

Passenger transport is limited and may vary from port to port, but cruise ships may be able to come alongside for provisions, water supply, garbage removal and crew changes. Passengers and crew can leave the ship under the present shore leave and quarantine regulations. Stricter local regulations might apply as enforced by the district medical officer and port authorities.

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