COVID-19 second wave: Invocation of Force Majeure

10 May 2021 / Karaikal, India

The Government of Puducherry has declared full curfew from 10 May 2021 (midnight) up to 24 May 2021 (midnight). Further, the Government of Tamil Nadu has declared full curfew from 4.00am on 10 May 2021 to 4.00am on 24 May 2021.

In light of the above, kindly be notified that Karaikal Ports operations/performance (including but not limited to unloading, loading, receipt and dispatches) are being severely affected. In the circumstance, Karaikal Port Pvt. Ltd. (“KPPL”) hereby invokes Force Majeure at its port at Karaikal effective from 0000 hours on 10 May 2021…

…KPPL shall not be responsible for any claims whatsoever arising out of and/or connected to the above Force Majeure event, either directly or indirectly, which without any limitation would include vessel demurrages, inter alia due to pre-berthing or any other delays of whatsoever nature and accordingly the Discharge Rate Guaranteed under the Agreement shall also not be applicable for all vessels to be handled at Karaikal Port during the Force Majeure period. Supply chain of several critical parts and spates that are critical for the operation of port equipment is also likely to be impacted.

In due course, KPPL shall notify the “Cessation of Force Majeure” based on further notifications/directives from the Central Government and State Governments as they case may be.

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Source: Karaikal Port notice dated 8 May 2021

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