Changes to Covid-19 regulations

25 May 2022 / Japan

There have been changes to Japan’s Covid-19 regulations which could have an impact on the arrival of crew.


All seafarers must take a PCR test on the day of origin flight, or on the previous day in case of the morning flight (requesting PCR Test to take on the day of flight or within 48 hours before catching the flight).

Counting from a day before departing from local airport, crew must have undergone 7 days self-quarantine at a hotel or facility centre, which must be close to the airport they are departing from. A request should be made for a Health Conditions Report for 7 days, which must be submitted as a proof.

A certificate must be issued for each crew member to prove their quarantine stay (no designated format but the following information must be described):
1 - name of crew / date of birth / passport number / seaman's book number
2 - crews activities history within 7 days (record of temperature list for each crew)
3 - quarantined place / name of hotel and its duration
4 - voucher from hotel or sign by ship's owner as proof of crews quarantine
On-signers must present this certificate with their negative PCR test results upon arrival in Japan.

If the next port is China within 14 days, an additional PCR test at clinic approved by Chinese government is required for joining crew - to be carried out 48 hours before joining the vessel.

If the next port is Korea within 14 days, additional PCR test for joining crew needs to be carried out 48 hours before ETD at joining port.


Vessel must be at sea for at least 14 days after leaving foreign port before entering Japanese ports. In such cases, it might be possible for the port agent to issue shore passes (landing permits) for off signers.

Off-signers must inform the 1st Japan arrival port quarantine that there will be crew change during her Japan voyage in advance.

If the vessel arrives more than 14 days, crew will be able to disembark

If the vessel arrives less than 14 days, crew will need to take PCR test on board at her 1st Japan port.

While waiting for PCR results, cargo operation will be put on hold and no visitors will be allowed to board. Once results are confirmed as negative, off-signers may disembark vessel, crew members who will stay AT A hotel for more than 3 days are required to take additional PCR.


According to information from Japanese immigration, they are not allowed to issue Chinese off-signers shore pass indefinitely due to almost impossible to take flight within 15 days after disembarkation.

The shore pass is valid for 15 days and cannot be extended.

Crew change of Chinese Crew in Japan has become very difficult – for details go to:

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