Bridge collapse status update (28 March)

28 Mar 2024 / Baltimore, United States

Following the bridge collapse at Baltimore, the channel closure for the six vessels currently in the harbour and others waiting to enter could be extensive.

The search and rescue exercise was called off this morning (28 March) and personnel are now moving into the salvage phase, which is expected to proceed as follows:

Step 1:
Get the steel trust out of a 700-foot-wide by 50-foot-deep channel, and examine what parts of the concrete are still at the bottom. This will allow one-way traffic going in and out of the port.

Step 2:
Work closely with the Coast Guard to stabilise containers on top of the ship. Then the trust of the bridge that is still on top of the ship needs to be taken off so it can be tugged to a safe part of the port. Removing the vessel will allow the reopening of two-way traffic.

Step 3:
Take out the remaining 2,900 feet of steel and all the associated concrete and roadway at the river bottom.

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