Bad weather warning

08 Jun 2022 / Brazil

The Brazilian Navy issued a communication of bad weather and strong winds in the southern portion of METAREA V.

The dry and stable weather regime, caused by the predominance of the Subtropical High of the South Atlantic, will give way to areas of instability that will gain strength over the Southern region of Brazil, ALFA, BRAVO and SUL OCEÂNICA areas.

The frontal system that will be operating in the above-mentioned areas, it will move eastward and may cause a lot of precipitation over the north of the ALFA area and south of the BRAVO and CHARLIE areas.

Strong wind warnings are in effect the very strong in the ALFA area; and from very strong to very hard wind and very thick to high seas in the area SOUTH OCEANIC.

Further north, the advance of a swell system will cause thick sea in the areas DELTA, ECHO and FOXTROT.

In the northern portion of METAREA V, on the coast of the Northeast region, the performance of areas of instability will continue causing isolated showers. Additionally, the Zone Intertropical Convergence (ITCZ) will favor the occurrence of rain showers over the areas GOLF, HOTEL and NORTH OCEANIC.

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