Anchorage closed

05 Jan 2023 / Port Kembla, Australia

Port Kembla Port Authority has advised that the anchorage was closed to shipping at 0430 hours local time this morning (5 January) due to severe weather (high swell and strong force wind). All vessels are to drift off port at a safe distance 12NM off the coast and monitor VHF radio channels 11 and 16.

The anchorage is expected to remain closed for several days with conditions to deteriorate further and will be reopened once the weather has subsided.

The port remains open to harbour movements, but some movements may face some disruption with pilotage during this period.

Vessels alongside the berth must adhere to the following instructions:

  • Increase the mooring lines in their current mooring arrangements. This is especially pertinent to vessels that will be affected by the westerly winds.
  • Lower the outboard anchor to the seabed at the earliest opportunity.
  • Keep a close watch on VHF Ch 11 and report any movement immediately to the VTS via VHF or by calling 02 4275 1097.
  • If a vessel needs any assistance, must contact VTS immediately.

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