Amendment to port service fees

14 Feb 2024 / Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Port Authority, MAWANI, has announced an amendment to the tariff for port service fees, to come into effect on 18 February.

As advised in their Circular No.(1) for the Year 2024, MAWANI states that fees for pilotage, tying/untying ropes and marine control tower services – including the use of tugs, rope-tying boats and pilotage boat – are collected for vessels arriving at port, departing from port and moving from one pier to another within the port area (half fees).

The charges will be according to the ship’s capacity in gross tons, as follows:

  • 500 tons or less
    - 2,500 SAR

  • More than 500 tons up to 3000 tons
    - 1.15 SAR per ton

  • Every increase over 3000 tons and up to 15000 tons
    - 0.17 Halalas per ton

  • Every increase over 15000 tons
    - 10 Halalas per ton

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