ADNOC 3D seismic survey

08 Apr 2022 / Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi Ports has advised that offshore ADNOC 3D seismic survey operations will be carried out from 10 April to 16 May in Zayed Port channel, Musaffah outer channel and approaches including Musaffah short stay anchorage area.

According to the Notice To Mariners No.05/2022 dated 8 April 2022, up to 10 vessels will be involved in the deployment of cables with seismic nodes attached to the seabed. Vessels will then sail along the lines of the cables to carry out acoustic positioning and shooting operations. Vessels will run lines east to west in the areas concerned.

All vessels navigating in the area should navigate with caution and lookout for survey vessels engaged in seismic survey operations displaying the appropriate day and night shapes and light signals. Survey operations will be monitored and controlled by VTS and normal shipping operations will be maintained without disruption.

To avoid any possible fouling of the cables by ships anchors, vessels are requested to not use Musaffah short stay anchorage area during the stated period.

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