Dry Cargo Agency: Delivering commodities to the world's markets

Dry bulk

Dry cargo shipping is big business. Whether it’s coal to China, wheat from Wyoming or rolls of steel in India and parts of wind turbines, dry bulk commodities and break bulk cargo keep the world’s machinery running, the wheels of industry turning and people fed.

GAC has been handling dry cargo since the 1950s, and has established a track record of serving a full range of bulk carriers and break bulk / general cargo vessels. Today, we are the leading dry cargo agent active in diverse dry bulk and break bulk markets, providing unparalleled expertise and experience in delivering professional ship agency services at any location or port around the world.

Expertise at both load and discharge ports

Whatever your cargo type, you can tap into our global network, local know-how and in-depth knowledge of all the critical stages of dry-cargo operations to achieve smooth and rapid vessel turnaround at both load and discharge ports. Whilst in port, we’ll take care of a wide scope of needs, including husbandry, liaison with cargo suppliers/receivers, surveyors and other service companies, ship spares delivery, bunker fuels supplies documentation and more.

GAC also offers effective disbursement account (D/A) management services on a global or regional scale. Our extensive hub agency experience enables us to reduce your administrative burden, thus enabling you to concentrate on the vessel and its operation.

To further aid efficient planning of your dry bulk or break bulk operations, GAC monitors port conditions for potential problems - disruption to loading or discharging, restrictions, new requirements, port authority updates and more - and reports them through our free daily Hot Port News bulletin.

So if you’re in the dry cargo business, GAC is the global agent you need to minimise time and money spent at any port.