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Updated restriction on ship personnel disembarkation

  • calendar

    5 March 2020

  • location

    Sri Lanka



Sri Lanka’s ban on disembarkation from vessels coming from Chinese ports has been lifted and crew changes can now be carried out as normal.

The only cases in which disembarkation is now not permitted is for vessels which have called at South Korean, Italian or Iranian ports within the last 14 days.

Any vessels intending to carry out crew/sea marshal/personnel disembarkation, but which have called at a port in Italy, South Korea or Iran within the last 14 days shall NOT be permitted to do so until the 14 day-period from leaving those ports has been completed.

In such cases, vessels must remain at OPL Galle until the completion the 14-day period. Thereafter, they may proceed with crew/sea marshal/personnel disembarkation. Crew/sea marshals/personnel should be repatriated by arranging direct flights from Colombo airport within 7-8 hours of disembarking from the vessel. No stay will be permitted in Sri Lanka, and off-signers shall be directly dropped to the airport.

For further details and updates, as well as information about operations in Sri Lanka, contact GAC Sri Lanka at srilanka@gac.com