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Updated disease control measures

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    13 March 2020

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In addition to the People's Republic of China, the following countries and areas in which sustained transmission of the [COVID-19] virus is verified: South Korea, Japan, Iran and Italy.

The following measures apply to the five countries:

a. If in the last 30 days the ship has landed at ports in any of these countries, it must identify the crew or passengers that embarked in any of them.

b. If it has been fulfilled that they have arrived at ports in the countries or areas mentioned, not earlier than 8 hours after arrival in the Uruguayan port, the Maritime Health Declaration signed by the Captain must attach a body temperature report of each traveler during the previous 48 hours, taken every 8 hours.

c. If it is suspected about the health status of one or more crew members, passengers or travelers, about the possibility of having an acute respiratory disease.
i) Boarding of port personnel for service will not be allowed, without the recommended personal protective equipment (protective glasses, mask to cover the mouth and nose, gloves).
ii) Fever and symptoms or signs of acute upper and / or lower respiratory disease such as: cough, rhinitis, sore throat, dyspnea, increased respiratory rate.
iii) When the ship arrives at the port, only Maritime and River Health personnel will ascend, who, depending on the traveler's health, may accompany a doctor for their assistance.

d. If the epidemiological clinical evaluation of the traveler carried out on board:
i) discharges the suspicion of infectious disease, the ship may start operation in port
ii) keep the suspicion of SARS CoV-2, a diagnostic sample will be taken
iii) as long as the laboratory diagnostic results are not available, the ship will not be able to operate
iv) If the diagnosis is positive, the ship will not be able to operate in the Uruguayan port.

In the event that the sick crew member does not have symptoms that require their hospitalization, he will continue on board the ship, with the recommendations to reduce the probability of the virus spreading.

Otherwise, the disembarking will be coordinated with the recommended biological protection measures.

Medical review requirements prior embarking is suspended in the case of crew changes coming from affected countries or areas mentioned above.
a. The recommendation to receive assistance in the presence of a crew member with any symptom of infectious contagious disease, particularly respiratory disease, is maintained prior boarding the ship.

(For information about operations in Uruguay, contact the GAC Houston Hub Agency Center at hub.us@gac.com)

Source: Uruguay Ministry of Health notice dated 9 March 2020