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Updated crew change application form

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    3 July 2020

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Following a recent case whereby a signing on crew member was diagnosed with COVID-19 on arrival at Singapore, the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has issued an addendum to the crew change application form.

Ship owners, managers and manning officers are advised to read the addendum and take note of the legal undertaking for all crew change applications, specifically the following clauses:

Consequences of Breach

43.       We /our Principal(s) acknowledge and accept that should any Event of Breach occur:

(a)        MPA will deny ALL crew change in respect of this application;

(b)        MPA will revoke ALL prior in-principle crew change approval(s) granted by MPA:

(i)         to us, whether made on behalf of our Principal(s) or any other person;

(ii)        to any person (whether to our Principal(s) or to any person acting on behalf of our Principal(s)) in respect of any vessel(s) owned, operated, or managed by our     principal(s);

(c)        MPA may disqualify us and/or our Principal(s), whether permanently or for a specified period, from making and/or authorising the making of any further applications       for crew change and/or transit stay by crew in any designated holding facility under procedures outlined in Port Marine Circular No.s 26 and 27 of 2020;

44.       We/our Principal(s) will be liable to pay all costs and expenses incurred by the Government of Singapore and its agencies, including MPA, in connection with any Event of Breach, including all costs and expenses of cleaning and disinfecting any premises or vehicle, and of providing medical treatment, accommodation and transport for the crew and other incidental or ancillary costs relating thereto, including where any crew is required by Singapore authorities to remain in Singapore for any inquiry or investigation.

45.       We/and our Principal(s) acknowledge and accept that:

(a)        any actions taken by MPA hereunder are without prejudice to any other action that MPA may take against us/our Principal(s) for an Event of Breach, including, where any     offence is committed, prosecuting us/our Principal(s) under applicable law;

(b)        in taking any action, MPA has full discretion to proceed against any one or more parties (whether ourselves or any or all of our Principal(s)) as it deems appropriate.

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