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Temporary restrictions on crew shore leave

  • calendar

    24 March 2020

  • location

    Houston/Galveston, United States



U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for Houston/Galveston has advised that all crew are remanded onboard vessels.

Its Public Information Notice dated 23 March states:

In support of Federal, State, and local restrictions being implemented to address the public health emergency and community spread of COVID-19, all maritime crew will be remanded to their vessels until further notice.

CBP will work with carriers on a case-by-case basis on temporary shore leave requests for such reasons as but not limited to humanitarian, shore side business critical to the safe operation of the vessel, legal, medical, etc. At this time, crew sign-offs (D-2) will still be reviewed and granted if the crewmember has direct and continuous travel out of the United States, the crewmember is not exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, the crewmember has valid travel documents, and there is no other restriction on the crewmember’s travel.

Please continue to notify the CBP Fusion Desk as well as the boarding officer before inspection begins of any crew repatriations planned in the Houston/Galveston Area Port. You will be provided with instructions on any additional requirements in place at that time.

Please note, due to evolving travel restrictions worldwide, this activity is subject to change on short notice. A trade notice will be sent if CBP Houston/Galveston Area Port implements any major changes.

All entrance, clearance, and crewmembers requests will still be routed to the Fusion e-mail inbox at HOUSTONSEAPORTFUSION@cbp.dhs.gov. Local questions regarding issues related to this notice should be directed to Assistant Port Director Greg Vawter or a Watch Commander at 713-454-8002.

Similar notices have been received from San Francisco, Lake Charles, Freeport, and New Orleans. All US ports will follow suit. Crew changes may be extremely difficult so please check with local GAC offices for the most up to date info regarding your crew.

For further details and updates, as well as information about operations in the United States, contact GAC North America at usa@gac.com