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Restrictions for crew at Isolation Centres

  • calendar

    7 April 2021

  • location

    Sri Lanka



The following restrictions have been imposed by the Sri Lanka health authorities for crew changing seafarers staying at Isolation Centres in the country, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus to land.

Hotels identified as Isolation Centres operate strictly for isolation in accordance with SOPs and guidelines issued by Health authorities, as follows:

  1. Seafarers on crew change will be strictly confined to the respective room during their stay.
  2. Only the 3 main meals will be provided in packeted form delivered to the doorstep of the room.
  3. Food and beverages from outside will not be permitted.
  4. Bars/restaurants of hotels do not function.
  5. Adequate water bottles, tea/coffee, toiletries and towels/bed linen are provided in each room for each seafarer.
  6. Cleaning of room and toilet will not be carried out by hotel staff whilst the seafarer is in occupation of the room.
  7. Disinfecting and cleaning of room and toilet, replenishing water/tea/coffee, change of towel/linen will be undertaken by the hotel staff on the departure of the guest before the arrival of the next seafarer.
  8. No visitors are allowed to the premises.

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