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New restrictions and special procedure

  • calendar

    10 March 2020

  • location

    Novorossiysk, Russia



The Sanitary Authorities at Novorossiysk have announced a special temporary procedure in force at the port from today (10 March), applicable for:
- All ships with Chinese, South Korean, Italian or Iranian crew or passengers who boarded the ship within the last 14 days before arrival at Novorossiysk;
- All ships who visited Chinese, South Korean, Italian or Iranian ports within the last 14 days before arrival at Novorossiysk.

In addition to all standard pre-arrival info, ships calling to Novorossiysk port must furnish to Sanitary Authorities the following info minimum 2 days before arrival to the port:
1. Medical Declaration of Health.
2. Crew List.
3. List of the ports of call 

The list should contain all ports for last 40 days, with dates of arrival and departure from each port.

If a vessel has a crew member or passenger with Chinese, South Korean, Italian or Iranian passports, in addition to the standard Crew List it would be good to include date and port the crew members boarded the ship.

The Master must immediately report any accidents, or persons on board with high temperature, fever or any other symptoms of infection disease.

The vessel must pass a sanitary disinfection on roads before inward clearance formalities. It is only allowed to pass further Inward Clearance formalities and then mooring/loading/discharging operations after completion of compulsory disinfection and crew/passenger examination by sanitary doctor.  

The agent will arrange delivery of doctors on board who will make a full disinfection of the main ship's accommodations: ship's office, cargo control room, crew/officers saloons, navigation bridge or other areas where might be crowding. All expenses involved are for the Owners’ account. 

All crew and passengers will be examined (temperature etc.) by sanitary specialists on board before commencement of inward clearance formalities.

Shore leave is prohibited for all crew and passengers, regardless of their passports and nationalities.

For further details and updates, as well as information about operations in Russia, contact GAC Russia at russia@gac.com