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Maritime Declaration of Health

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    3 February 2020

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This circular brings to the attention of the National Environment Agency’s (Port Health Office) requirements to submit the Maritime Declaration of Health to the Port Health Office.

These requirements are applicable for:
a) all arriving vessels that have called at ports in China in the past 14 days; OR
b) all arriving vessels with crew/passengers who have travelled to mainland China in the past 14 days.

This declaration is part of the measures to prevent the spread of Wuhan coronavirus (2019-nCoV) into Singapore and will come into effect from 01 Feb 2020, 2359h. It must be submitted to the National Environment Agency’s (Port Health Office) 24 hours before arrival at Singapore Port.

These requirements are listed in National Environment Agency’s (Port Health Office) circular.

The master of the ship is recommended to implement the following additional precautionary measures:

  • Educate crew/passengers of the symptoms of 2019-nCoV, which are:
       - Fever;
       - Runny nose;
       - Cough; and
       - Shortness of breath
  • Carry out daily temperature checks for all crew/passengers at least twice a day;
  • Isolate unwell crew/passengers when his/her temperature is above 38 degree Celsius. The unwell crew should also wear a mask;
  • Disinfect common areas and rooms in the vessel before arrival in Singapore. The disinfection may be conducted by the ship’s crew en-route to Singapore. You can refer to the Interim Guidelines for Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection of Areas Exposed to Confirmed Case(s) of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in Non-Healthcare Commercial Premises prepared by NEA for guidance on the disinfection protocols, if needed.

(For information about operations in Singapore contact GAC Singapore at singapore@gac.com)

Source: Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore Port Marine Circular No.02 of 2020 dated 1 February 2020