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Interclub Regatta

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    14 February 2020

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Mariners, owners, agents and charterers are advised that a Round the Rock sailing regatta will take place on Saturday 15 February as from 1000 hours.

There are two possible courses which will be dependent on weather conditions on the day:

COURSE A: Sailing boats will be starting from the North part of the Bay of Gibraltar, west of the airfield. Sailing boats will then proceed south towards Europa port, round Europe point, proceed along the east side of Gibraltar to a marker buoy east of the airfield, they will turn around this mark and do the same return leg finishing at the south entrance of Gibraltar Harbour.

COURSE B: Will be from the Gibraltar Airport Runway buoy proceeding west to the Port of Algericas Fairway Buoy turning round and proceeding east to the Runway buoy.

Safety boats will be on working channel 17.

(For information about operations in the Gibraltar, contact GAC Gibraltar at agency.gibraltar@gac.com)

Source: Gibraltar Port Authority Local Notice to Mariners No.006 of 2020 dated 14 February 2020

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