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Health control measures at sea entrance ports & the Turkish Straits

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    7 February 2020

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Turkey has implemented health control measures at sea entrance points and in the Turkish straits in order to prevent the possible entry of the 2019-nCov to the country.


  • Crews of ships that have which has sailed to countries and ports where the 2019-nCov infection is present should make as little contact with land as possible. Contact with sick people should be avoided in these ports, and health centers should not be visited unless in the case of absolute. Contact with wild animals and pets should be avoided and hand hygiene should be taken care of.
  • If passengers or crew on ships arriving at Turkish ports from a foreign port show signs of 2019-nCov infection (fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath), they should be placed I the in the ship's infirmary or in isolation in a separate cabin. The situation should be reported to the Telehealth Center (212 444 83 53) and action taken in accordance with instructions.
  • All health procedures applied are in accordance with the Public Health General Directorate 2019 nCov Disease Health Care Workers guide. If passengers or crew presenting symptoms are judged to be a possible 2019-nCov, the necessary procedures will be carried out in coordination by contacting the Health Directorates for the transfer of the case to the designated hospital. Passengers and crew of such vessels must be accepted from certain gates within the port as close to passport checkpoints as possible and, if possible, the air circulation on the route through which these passengers pass must be increased.
  • For possible cases, medical and other public institution personnel who come into contact with such persons should use a medical mask during contact and after contact hands should be washed with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer can be used in cases without soap or water.
  • For ship passengers and crew flying to the countries and ports where the 2019-nCov infection is observed who become ill while in Turkey, non-Turkish citizens should first report their status to their country's representative, stating that they are from a risk area, through their representative's office. Turkish citizens should contact 112 emergency health services directly and indicate that they have come from a risk area.


  • Ships arriving from foreign ports to transit the Turkish Straits, going to a foreign port or wanting to go to a Turkish port by free transit, can request a pilot in the Turkish Straits, conduct personnel exchange, patient transfers, repairs through contact with land .
  • Ships from foreign ports should send the Marine Health Notice electronically to https://www.hssgm.gov.tr/onlineislemler/DenizSaglikBildirimiGiris.aspx or to the relevant Health Inspection Center at rumelifeneri@hssgm.gov.tr  (for the Bosphorus) or rumelifeneri@hssgm.gov.tr  (for Canakkale) before entering the Turkish Straits. Vessels that cannot send the Marine Health Notification electronically should give these notifications to the medics during the health check at the entrance of the Bosphorus.
  • The ship crew list, ship passenger list, ship cargo manifest and ship tonnage certificate should be given to the relevant medical personnel in full during sanitation check.
  • The Maritime Health Notice made by the ship is meticulously examined to carry out the risk assessment to assess if the vessel can take a guide captain, to conduct personnel exchange, and if patient extraction and land contact may be allowed.
  • If the risk assessment determines there is a public health threat on board, ship traffic services will be informed and the guide captain who boards the ship will do so using personal protective equipment medical masks and gloves.
  • If 2019- nCov is on board, passengers or crew matching the possible case description may be requested to be removed from the vessel and transferred to the appropriate hospital.

The Ministry of Public Health has prepared a ‘2019-nCov Disease Health Care Workers' Guide' available for download at https://hsgm.saglik.gov.tr/tr/yayinlarimiz.html

For further details and updates, or information about operations in Turkey, contact GAC Turkey at turkey@gac.com