3 October 2017
Hong Kong

Establishment of silt curtain

For approximately 5 months, marine works involving establishment of a silt curtain at Tsim Sha Tsui will be carried out within the area bounded by straight lines joining the following co-ordinates (WGS 84 Datum) from (A) to (D) and the adjacent shoreline:
(A) 22 deg. 17.592’N / 114 deg. 10.344’E
(B) 22 deg. 17.565’N / 114 deg. 10.346’E
(C) 22 deg. 17.560’N / 114 deg. 10.288’E
(D) 22 deg. 17.588’N / 114 deg. 10.286’E

The silt curtain will extend vertically from the sea surface to the seabed. Yellow marker buoys fitted with yellow flashing lights will be laid along the surface of the silt curtain to mark the extent of the silt curtain.

The works will be carried out by one dumb lighter. One tugboat and one work boat will provide assistance.

A working area of approximately 50 metres around the lighter will be established. Yellow marker buoys fitted with yellow flashing lights will be laid to mark the positions of the anchors extending from the lighter.

The hours of work will be from 0700 to 1900 hours. No works will be carried out on Sundays and public holidays. Vessels employed for the works will stay in the works area outside the hours of work.

Vessels engaged in the operations will display signals as prescribed in international and local regulations.

Vessels navigating in the vicinity should proceed with caution.

(For information about operations in Hong Kong contact GAC Hong Kong at

Source: Government of the Hong Kong SAR Marine Department Notice No. 134 of 2017

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