GAC golfers seek a strong showing at DP World Championship 2012

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    21 November 2012



Wood, Sterne and Coetzee to represent global shipping, marine and logistics company

Richard Stern

Dubai, November 21st 2012 - Global shipping, marine and logistics company GAC is looking forward to an exciting show from its team of world-class professional golfers at the upcoming DP World Championship being held at the Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai, from November 22nd to 25th, 2012.

The championship event, part of the European Tour 2012’s ‘Race to Dubai,’ rounds off of 45 tournaments held in 24 destinations.

Among the players will be GAC-sponsored Brand Ambassadors George Coetzee, Chris Wood and Richard Sterne. Coetzee, ranked 20th in the ‘Race to Dubai’, will join Wood, ranked 43, and Sterne, ranked 47, at the culmination of the ‘Race to Dubai’, which in 2009 replaced the European Tour’s Order of Merit.


George Coetzee
George Coetzee

"GAC has always enthusiastically supported prodigious sporting talent. We have a history of association with the top leagues of sports including football, sailing and motor sports. Our association with some of the best names in golf adds brand value but also reflects our ethos of appreciating excellence, dedication and results in everything we do," says William Hill, GAC Executive Group Vice President - Commercial.


The conclusion of the DP World Championship will see USD 3.75 million divided among the top ten golfers in the Race to Dubai, with the winner receiving USD 1 million.

Chris Wood
Chris Wood

"The season has been incredibly exciting, and spirits are high as we enter the final leg of the Race to Dubai. I am confident of excellent performances by all the golfers on the tour, and look forward to putting on a strong show at the DP World Championship. It helps that I’m backed by a global name in shipping and logistics that shares my commitment to excellence," says Chris Wood.