GAC Dubai wins Group HSSE Award

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    13 January 2016



Practical measures produce results

Dubai – GAC Dubai’s introduction of a suite of practical innovations to improve safety in working conditions and reduce the company’s carbon footprint has won it the Group Chairman’s Award for HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) Excellence for 2015.

35 entries were received for the annual Award, which for the first time extended its scope from the previous focus on the environment to also encompass health, safety and security measures. That extension reflects the importance of HSSE compliance in the diverse sectors the GAC Group serves.

Simple measures, winning formula
GAC Dubai stood out for its implementation of a series of simple measures introduced to enhance HSSE across the board.

Warehouse lighting was replaced with LED bulbs resulting in greater visibility and safer working conditions. Because they generate no heat, LEDs do not raise warehouse temperatures or increase the burden on air conditioning. They also have a longer life, reducing the replacement rate. A system was also introduced to filter and recycle waste water to water the plants on and around the GAC site. Finally, the company’s Freon-powered cooling plant was replaced by a more eco-friendly alternative to reduce the warehouse’s environmental impact.

The first runner-up was GAC Sri Lanka, which was recognised for its work to raise awareness about the causes and impact of marine pollution among local fishermen and port users at Galle. This community project was enhanced by the distribution of First Aid boxes.

The challenge of extreme temperatures in the Gulf’s summer months was tackled by second runner-up, NSGAC Abu Dhabi. Its ‘Summer Working Programme’ was devised to protect the welfare of staff working in the heat by controlling conditions and promoting greater staff and management awareness. 

The judges also singled out GAC Qatar for its multi-faceted programme of improvements including the purchase of a magnetic sweeper to reduce the number of tyre punctures, water and waste recycling initiatives, and training programmes covering a range of HSSE issues. Meanwhile, GAC China was commended for its scheme to collect expired medicines for safe disposal without harming the environment.

Encouraging signs
Group Chairman Björn Engblom says the number of entries for the Award was a clear sign of the active engagement and commitment of GAC companies around the world to HSSE excellence.